About Us

     In our modern day society, today’s standards of being a gentleman is considered weak, frail and uncool. Many factors and loss of values have contributed to the way a gentleman is perceived nowadays however our company hopes to bring back the virtues of being a true gentleman whilst still being a “Bad Ass!”

In hopes of creating an awareness of amongst young men, our apparel company has created a unique plan to bring back the persona of a true modern day gentleman. Our ideology combines the facets of Surf, Skate, Snow, MMA, Biker, and Golf industries into one reflective and considerate clothing company. We hope that B.A. Gentleman is able to make a BOLD STATEMENT by uplifting a greater image in our young men today.Our motto is “You can be a BAD ASS and still be a GENTLEMAN.”

Each of these popular sports are represented heroically by a Knight In Shining Armor. Every T-shirt is designed by very talented local artists and are proudly MADE IN THE USA.